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the adopt-a-kiwi program

kiwis are in decline, so we’re doing something about it

Unfortunately, the kiwi is extremely vulnerable to predators as it can’t fly, and therefore can’t escape to safety. As part of your Koala Mattress purchase, you will help reduce the impact of predators in wildlife managed areas, and give kiwi numbers a chance to recover.

adopt a kiwi with every mattress bought

Yes, that’s right. When you buy a Koala Mattress you’ll also be adopting a kiwi in a partnership with WWF-New Zealand.

Upon your purchase, you’ll be sent your very own certificate of adoption.

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Find out more about the adoption & partnership.


this year, we’re helping the WWF prevent kiwi loss and extinction

We’re proud to announce a brand-new partnership with the World Wildlife Foundation.

Together, we’re on a mission to support young kiwi and give them a safer environment to grow up in, but also conserve, protect, and restore their natural habitat to prevent kiwi loss and extinction.

binna burra koala sanctuary

Binna Burra Koala Sanctuary is koala’s first project to revitalise critical koala habitat. It will form part of a wildlife corridor in Northern NSW to protect koalas in the area. So far we have planted over 5000 trees and we’re just getting started.

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